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Marriage : 29th May 2017,9.30A.M - 10.30A.M
Reception : 29th May 2017,6.00P.M - 9.00P.M (Nagercoil)
Reception : 31st May 2017,10.30A.M - 12.00P.M (Thoothukudi)


Our celebration will take place at the beautiful Village in Nagercoil. The Place where summers are warm and winters are cold and rainy seasons are no more fiction.

The marraige ceremony will be at the "VGS Mahal", followed by a reception at the "The Cedar Hall" located just opposite to WCC Nagercoil.


Our Marriage would be a Ethinic tamil Wedding with Below ceremonies.

Panda Kaal Muhurtham :

The ritual which is held a day before the wedding. In this, both the families offer their prayers to God for a peaceful, joyous and uninterrupted wedding.

Pallikai Thellichal :

In this, ceremony, 9 types of grains along with curd are mixed and filled into 7 earthen pots decorated with sandalwood. These pots are later immersed in the water to feed the fishes. Since this ritual includes feeding the fishes, it is considered auspicious for the couple's journey ahead.

Mangala Snaanam :

This ritual takes place on the dawn of the wedding day in the bride and groom's houses respectively. Haldi, kumkum and some oil is applied on the bride and the groom before they take a purifying bath and get ready for the wedding.

Gauri Puja :

ritual which is only perfromed by the bride on her wedding day. Once the bride is ready, she offers prayers to Goddess Gauri who is considered a symbol of purity.

Kashi Yatra :

In this ritual, the groom pretends that he does not want to marry, and is going away a holy pilgrimage to Kashi. At this time, the bride’s father stops him and tries to persuade him towards married life, and offers to have his daughter married to him. The groom then agrees and is taken to the mandap.

Pada puja :

As a part of this ritual, the bride’s brother washes groom’s feet with water, chandan and kumkum. After which the bride is called into the mandap.

Maalai Maatral :

The bride and the groom exchange flower garlands three times to begin their holy union.

Kanyadaanam :

ritual is similar to the kanyadan ceremony in the North. Here, the bride’s father hands over his daughter to the groom for eternity. And, the groom gives assurance to her parents that he will take care of the bride always.

Muhurtham :

With this, all the wedding rituals come to an end. The groom applies kumkum/sindoor on the bride’s hair parting and ties a Thaali (translates to mangalsutra) around her neck.

Saptapadi :

The bride and the groom take seven sacred rounds around the fire in this ritual known as the Saptapadi. There is also another ritual in which the groom holds the left toe of the bride and helps her to tread on a grindstone kept near the ritual fire. This symbolises their holy union, which will be as solid as a rock. This grindstone is compared to the entrance of her new home and everytime she steps out, it will remind her of her responsibilities towards her new family.

Sammandhi Maryathai :

This is the first post-wedding ritual where both families give each other gifts as a token of love and appreciation. The bride then leaves her parental home and sets journey to her new home with her husband.

Grihapravesham :

This is the time when the bride and groom reach the groom’s house. Groom’s mother welcomes the couple by performing a small aarti. It is similar to the Grihapravesh rituals that happen in the North Indian wedding ceremonies.

Avalum Naanum

The courtship period was really awesome and gotta to know she is the best thing happened in my life ever , while here are some cheesy ones which made us bonded ever and ever.

Dhivya is classy, I am geeky.

Dhivya is Rachel, I am Ross.

Dhivya loves cooking, I love eating

Dhivya is fun to have around, I am funny.

Dhivya is loyal to the Apple family, I prefer Android.

Dhivya is elegant, I am clumsy.

Dhivya is superstitious, I am not.

Dhivya would take zillions of selfies, I would just pose.

Dhivya is an early bird, I am night owl.

Dhivya adores orange juice, I seriously question her taste buds functionality.

Dhivya is academically gifted, I am creative

Dhivya is an extrovert, I am an introvert.

Dhivya is cautious, I am reckless

Dhivya loves chocolate, I prefer plain vanilla

Dhivya likes to save, I love to spend.

Dhivya socializes on the go, I suck at it.

Dhivya looks like a kid, I am the actual kid

Dhivya can roam around the city all day long, I can stay home all day.

Dhivya likes honey Singh, I prefer arijit singh.

Dhivya dozes off on the 1st page, I love to read

Dhivya loves pop, I love rock and heavy metal

Dhivya loves the camera more at times, for me its just her

Dhivya likes Arjun Kapoor, I like Ranbir Kapoor.

Dhivya can't live without Biryani, I eat everything other than tables and chairs

Dhivya likes cricket, I love football.

Dhivya is the cutest girl on Earth, I am the darkest Writer

Dhivya loves shopping, I love history.

Dhivya likes jokes, I make jokes.

Dhivya is a hygiene freak, I throw my towel on the floor.

Dhivya is Monica, I am Chandler.

Dhivya likes to sing in the weirdest way possible, I follow her lead.

Dhivya is Phoebe, I am mike.

Dhivya is innocent, I am too innocent.

Dhivya is a chatter box, I am a good listener.

Dhivya likes Instagram, I like Quora.

Dhivya loves long drive, I love to drive.

Dhivya is supercute I am …lets skip this ;)

Dhivya taught me how to dream bigger,I taught her how to focus and work to make her dreams come true.